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Laura Gavin is the artist and owner of Mars Design Studio, LLC, which features artistic and unique handcrafted wood creations. Laura was born deaf, but overcame the inherent obstacles  to become a woman-small business owner. She has a background in the field of art and graphic design and  graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design (in Columbus, Ohio) with a bachelor's degree in studio fine arts .


Prior to launching Mars Design Studios, Laura became a partner with Jon Jaskulski, her companion of 17 years  to become a landscaping/hardscaping designer and builder for Jon's Landscaping Design & Build, LLC. 


Jon is a custom builder and designer and is deaf as a result of a childhood illness. He has a background in the fields of landscaping design and art and studied landscaping design at Columbus State Community College. Then, Jon moved to the north of Pittsburgh, PA to establish a landscaping and hardscaping business in the spring of 2011. 


Laura and Jon design custom outdoor living spaces featuring new wood structures such as decks, pavilions, pergolas, privacy screenings, custom designed fences and many more. 


Laura decided to evolve her woodworking talents into making custom handcrafted cutting boards and charcuterie boards as thank-you and holiday gifts for their customers. Some customers were so pleased with the gifts that they asked to buy more boards. That inspired Laura to launch "Mars Design Studio, LLC," which has expanded to include custom orders as well as  modern style furniture and outdoor furniture.


Laura expresses her artistic background in the style of her boards that reflect pop art, bold, vibrant, whimsical colors, and more complex and unique patterns of the boards. Those colors are natural--no staining of the woods!


Jon's boards feature rich, traditional, neutral tones of brownish hues with simple and big designs for cutting and chopping.


We also design and make live edge slab tables and simple, modern style furniture. 

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